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All of this came about because of a desire for new pickups. Over the years I became dissatisfied with the ones I had. 

I have always been a DIY kind of person and a few years back I got it into my head to build my own guitar.  I havenít got around to that yet but among the books I bought at that time was Jason Lollarís book on pickup winding. I spent some time looking at the various pickups on the market and decided to give winding my own a try.

I built a variation of Jasonís machine for myself and started winding. My first set turned out better than I expected.  I started hunting around for suppliers and sold a few sets on E-bay, which were very well received. Eventually I realized I was getting an excellent response offering to wind custom sets rather than off the shelf models, so that is what I do.

The hybrid concept came out of conversations with a friend of mine, David Plummer, in California.  He had read about it on a forum and incorporated some ideas of his own. I read any information I can on pickups, particularly vintage but I wouldnít call my pickups recreations. I have tried to give them a sound all their own rather than emulate any given pickup.

I have started a blog to keep track of my activities. Please feel free to visit there. I do auctions on E-bay as well so look for me there. I sell a lot of one-offs and production models.

And all of that leads us to this point right here.



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