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On this page are some of the customer comments gleaned from my on-line reviews on various websites.



These pickups had all the shimmer and shine and low end snap and grunt that I could hope for. The bridge position took me all the way from Pride and Joy clean power to blistery solo-land with a little bit of distortion. The neck position gave me Little Wing and Lenny with strange accuracy.

Jon will lead you to where you ask to go. I wish he was a machine and could ship me sets within days, but then I'd lose what I love most about these pickups: the quality. I'm a guitar builder, with good success. I honestly attribute a good portion of the tone I get from my instruments to these pickups.

Jon's pickups are my fav.I had him make me 2 PAF style ones at around 12k and 2 Filtertrons at 9.5. Love em. I won't  play any of my guitars stock anymore without getting Jon to customise them. Great work and sounds. I've played and owned them all.     James Anthony

                                                                                                                                                   I have the pickups in the guitar and I have to say I was totally blown away by what I heard. These pickups are the most amazing sounding humbuckers I've ever tried, they beat Gibson and Seymour Duncan by miles. Nothing I've ever tried has come close. They do blues and rock with ease and when they are clean with some delay added they sound beautiful. I got it all finished up on friday night, it was a nightmare getting everything into the semi's body, and took it to band practice this morning. My band mates had advised me to sell the guitar before. One of them still wants me to sell it now, to him!! They couldn't believe the difference and when the volume and gain was turned up these pickups stole the show and sounded amazing, I was buzzing. I'll never need another humbucker as long as I have these. Thanks Jon, your a living legend. 


These pickups wipe the floor with kents, tone rider, standard fender, and fight with lace (might even win). Look no further, these pickups are built by one man with passion and that passion is quality. I've done Seymours, Fender, Emg, Lace, and a lot of others. These are the only ones I have actually got excited about. Go to his website and talk to him, tell him what you want, give him the money and wait for them to arrive. It'll be the best investment you ever made in your guitar!


I'm so impressed by the tone of these pickups. With the incredible guitar, it is match made in tone heaven. I can honestly state these pickups sound incredible for many various styles of music.


This is the tone I have wanted to attain and have spent more money looking for than I care to recall. It's the first time I've physically put my guitar in my friends' hands and said, "PLAY! Listen to this s**t!" I just lap up the jealousy!

I've gone through a number of guitars and this tone is the best yet by far. Not only is Jon talented in the custom pickup arena, he is a VERY nice and accomodating guy to work with. His communication was fantastic throughout the whole process. He comes HIGHLY recommended.

Custom Humbucker


I think the quality of gear can make a good guitarists tone better. Adding these pickups to a guitar that has "the feel" was the perfect marriage. Jon is great to work with and makes an awesome product. I would encourage anyone to buy a pair of these pickups. He will work with you to shape the tone you are looking for, and you will not be disappointed.


I have to say these are the most amazing pick-ups I have on any guitar I own. Those pick-ups include Seymour Duncans, Dimarzio, G&L, Peavey, Kinman, Fernandes, Burny, Gibson, Greco, Carvin - and both single, soapbar and humbuck variations of each of the above. Perhaps the greatest compliment I can pay to Jon and his work is that the Orville equipped with the JS Moore pick-ups has become my #1 go-to guitar for almost anything. These Jon Moore pick-ups have been a revelation for me and re-invigorated my playing. Its so much FUN to quickly dial in great, great sounds and just play.


The Jon Moore humbuckers have truly succeeded in creating a wonderful character for a guitar that essentially had very little before. Talk about your basic Cinderella story - these pick-ups are definitely the "glass slippers" for the ball! The tone is simply ravishing.


With two guitars loaded full of JS Moore custom humbuckers and single-coils (five pickups total), I couldn't be happier. JS Moore means luscious tone, impeccable quality, stellar service and great communication. Best of all, Jon Moore is passionate about winding the best pickups for YOUR guitar and YOUR style and YOUR tone. What more can a guitarist ask for? (Answer: nothing!) JS Moore is as good as it gets.

Custom P-90


Awesome, the underwind reduces output a bit, but cleans and tightens the bass and make the guitar sound a bit more "sparkly". Crunchy stuff sounds better too as the bass notes are clearer. Outstanding balance, clarity and tone. I've had Gibson, Lollar, EB MM90's, and Rio Grande's, I like these best by far! Great sound, great build quality.


Jon is totally righteous and a pleasure to deal with. I cannot say enough about him--I give his pickups the highest rating possible. Great bang for the buck!


All I can say is go out and buy these pickups. These are by far the best pickups I have ever purchased. Period. When I replaced the stock pickups with the Jon Moore customs, I was blown away. The sound improved 1000%. It literally sounded like someone had removed a heavy blanket that was draped over my amp. The sound was clear, bright, focused and extremely present.

These pickups are absolutely the best pickups I've heard, and I've been playing for over 25 years. I absolutely LOVE these pickups. The improvement in tone is better than any tube swapping or effect pedal placed inline between the guitar and amp. You can't get any better than this.


This guy ( just gets it. Vintage, hand-guided work at a VERY fair and reasonable price. He talks to you about your instrument, what you are looking for, what do you listen to... You cannot go wrong with this guy.


I'm going to drop JS Moore pickups in all of my guitars. No lie. I'm thinking of buying a Telecaster soon to drop in his tele sets and I'm confident it will growl circles around my buddies 77 US tele. Furthermore Jon is an awesome guy to work with.


These pickups sound unreal. I play heavy/hard rock music and these pickups have all of the guts, meat, and presence that I was looking for. Rhythms sound thick and full and leads cut through with liquid tone. These P-90's complement the natural tone of the instrument beautifully. All of the tones I can get from these pickups, bridge, neck, parallel, and in series, sound fantastic. They sound far superior to the stock Gibson P-90's that I have in my '93 Gibson LP.

Do yourself a BIG favor and go to, send Jon an email describing what instrument you have, what it sounds like, what rig you use, and what kind of sound you would like to get out of it. He will wind an awesome set of coils, custom tailored to YOU. You simply can't get this type of quality and service from so many of those other big name companies out there.



I must say, these pickups are incredible. Warm, dynamic, articlate, very sensitive to touch. Perhaps the most clarity of any humbucker I've ever used.

The clean tone is elegant. Lush, detailed and rich. The note bloom is fantastic. With some overdrive applied to the mix, the separation and note detail is nothing short of amazing. No mud, no mush.....just incredible, warm, singing sustain. As you can tell, I'm very happy with the way these pickups turned out. The Moore pups transmit every tone, note and nuance with such clarity it's almost frightening! They are really something special.

I've replaced lots of pickups in lots of guitars over the years and this is the most dramatic improvement I've ever heard. These pickups sing with soul in this guitar. Jon Moore clearly knows what he's doing and was great to deal with, too.

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