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All prices are in US dollars. I sell world wide and whether we like it or not, the US dollar is the common currency.  E-mail me for a quote in Canadian Dollars.

Premium Vintage: Single:  $115.00                   Set:  $220.00

PAF Replica covers:                                                                                                                                               Single:  $50.00                    Set:    $100.00                                                                 - Aged add $10.00 and $20.00 respectively

Humbucker:           Single:  $95.00                    Set:  $180.00

Hybrid:                   Single:  $100.00                   Set:  $190.00

Black Widow:         Single:  $105.00                  Set:  $200.00                                                                - Double screw, Double stud or Traditional

Jekyll and Hyde:   Single:   $105.00                 Set:  $200.00

Covers:                   Single:  $10.00                   Set:    $20.00                                                                - Nickel or Gold, traditional or closed

P-90:                       Single:  $75.00                   Set:    $140.00                                                             - Dogear or Soapbar

Strat:                     Single:  $70.00                   Set:    $195.00                                                             - White, Black or Cream covers

Tele:                       Single:  $75.00                   Set:    $140.00                                                             - Bridge comes string wrapped for protection, neck comes with chrome cover

J Bass:                   Single:  $80.00                   Set:    $150.00

P Bass:                   Single:  $130.00

All prices are in US Dollars.

Please contact me before ordering so I can write you down on my list. If you donít thereís a chance I may miss your order.  I do not expect payment until your order is complete. I prefer Paypal and you may pay through this link ( please be sure to add shipping and taxes, as noted below):

Or, use through the Paypal website if you already have a Paypal account. I also do EMT using the same e-mail.

Ontario residents add 13% GST and PST.  Canadian residents add 6% GST.

Shipping and Handling to the Continental U. S. will be $9.50 parcel air mail, or $20.50 for 6 day service. Shipping within Canada will be $10.50  Xpresspost.   International is $17.50 Air Parcel. If you wish another method or for shipping costs elsewhere please contact me.

Please e-mail me the specifics of the pickups you have chosen.  You may enter the specifics in the notes section on Paypal as well, but please e-mail them to me either way.

Cheques and Money Orders must clear my bank before I will ship your product. This may take up to thirty days.  I know, banks suck. I have tried reasoning with them to no avail.

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