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Soundclips are coming in as I convince some of my customers to record them.  That way there  will be a  greater range of  tones and rigs.

Here are two soundclips of my Premium Vintage V-59 set done by Dom Polito of Classic Albums Live. The chord progression and the solo both start on the neck, then middle and then bridge. Here is the first clip, and the second clip.

Here are two clips of a set I made for Brad Freiheit of Freiheit Guitars.  The bridge is a Black Widow and the neck is a custom vintage wind. These are live clips.  Highway To Hell and Cheap Sunglasses.

Here is a soundclip of a mini humbucker that I wound a while ago.  The clip is here.

I have a clip by Larry Bethune who has a vintage PAF wind set. The pickups are in a Squire Esprit.  The amp is a Two Rock Custom Reverb with a Marshall 1960A cabinet with Tone Tubby speakers.  The clip is here.  Special thanks to Larry for the clip.

Derek Barlas did this clip with his PRS and a custom wound set. The clip is here.

Here is a clip a friend of mine did with a set of P-90ís I wound for him.  The clip is posted on Youtube and the link is here.

Here are three sound clips of Strat bridge and middle pickup. There is a clip of the bridge, middle and both together. Special thanks to Jeremy at Occasion Musique for the clips.

James Anthony sent me a clip of the 12k PAF style wind humbucker that I made for him. Itís in an ES 339 through a Ď67 Vibrolux with Eminence Red Fangs. Hereís the clip

Here is a clip that Ed Munn did with a set of my Tele pickups. Hereís the link.

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Thanks to everyone who took the time to post a review and tell people about me on various forums!

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