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On this page I will put links to sites or people that I have done business with and have been impressed with their service or product.

Arkham Dispatch Endorsee - Great band out of London, Ontario. Click on the name to check them out.

James Anthony Local guitarist who not only uses my pickups but makes great music with them.

Dom Polito is the guitarist for Classic Albums Live and uses my Premium Vintage Sets.

Classic Albums Live are a world class group of musicians playing note for note performances of classic music.

Freddyís Frets Freddy did the re-fret on my guitar and did a first class job. Itís never played better.  His shop is located in Welland, Ontario so if you are in the area, Freddy is the man.

RS Guitarworks Absolutely stellar electronics.  The only electronics I use in my guitars.

Brossard Picks Great handmade picks form various woods and bone.  I have one myself and love the tone and feel.

JSDís Guitar Shack A fellow Canadian who has a lot of nice instruments at really good prices. Check out his site for the guitar or accessory youíve been looking for.

GT Saddles Compensated brass saddles for Telecasters. Great product to help eliminate the intonation problems with traditional Tele saddles.

Snake Oil Strings Excellent strings that capture that vintage 60ís tone. And they have come down in price as well. Great tone and long lasting. I use the Original Nickel sets, but the Rock sets are excellent.

Pickup Rings Very sweet looking pickups rings in a variety of woods.  Just the thing for a better wood to wood connection on your guitar.

Vintagegitaar My first dealer in Europe. Rene is in the Netherlands and carries all my models and can take orders for custom winds as well.  In addition he is also a luthier and Peavey specialist.

Otentic Guitars Custom guitars by my friend Rene. And as a plus they use my pickups.

Trinity Amps Canadian builder and supplier of tube amplifiers and kits. Also a dealer for Tone Tubby. I purchased and built the 18 watt head kit and it was very easy. Excellent instruction manual and support.  They also build custom cabinets.

CE Pedals Home of the FET Dream which is a very sweet OD pedal.

Balance Guitars Some very nice custom made guitars with excellent artwork.

V-picks Some really well designed picks. Very comfortable to use.

Red Bear Trading Excellent picks using their exclusive Tortoise shell replacement.  They really have a smooth feel against the strings.

313 guitars Custom electric and acoustic guitars made in Vancouver, BC.

Analog War Cry An excellent review site of everything guitar and guitar related.

Sims Custom Shop Excellent top quality custom made instruments. Patrick Sims is based in Chattanooga, Tenessee.

Newtone Strings Superb hand made strings out of England. I use the round core Electric Masters and they really give my R8 great tone.

Bue Chip Picks Iíve got the TAD 40 and itís the pick I find myself reaching for most often. Very nice against the strings and I donít lose the feel of it in my fingers. Great tone as well.

Here are some of the many custom pickup winders in the industry. Iím putting these links here so that you can compare prices and features. I know some of these gentlemen by their regular contributions to the pickup makers forum.

Jason Lollar Heís given me excellent advice and pointed me in the right directions over the years. He really is the father of the pickup winding movement.  His book is what got me started.

Lindy Fralin One of the nicest guys I ever talked to. I use his Strat baseplates.

WCR Pickups A lot of various models here.

Tom Holmes One of the most respected names in pickups.  Makes most of his own parts.

Wolfetone Pickups Excellent guy. Weíve had a few e-mail conversations over the years, mostly about a certain companyís trademarks.


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