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Welcome to the site of  J S Moore Custom Handwound Guitar Pickups.

If you are looking for great tone you have come to the right place.  Currently I am making Humbuckers, P-90ís, Mini humbuckers and single coils for Strat and Tele.

Please use the menu at left to navigate throught the site.

I am pretty busy these days. I will answer my e-mail at least once a day in the evening.  I may have more time some days than others but I can do the once a day bit. I wonít guarantee I will answer e-mails on the weekend, but I may as time allows.  I have two children and they do deserve some of my time.

I take great pride in my work and spend a lot of time getting everything just right. I use some of the same suppliers as the big guys, so everything is the best quality I can find.  I make my own maple spacers for the humbuckers and magnetize my own magnets to make sure they are consistent.  Quality is a human endeavour, and your guitar is only as good as the pickups you put in it so I put everything I can into my pickups.

I have started putting some tone tips on the wiring page.  Please feel free to e-mail me with any tips that you might have.

My pickups are warranteed for life against defects in manufacture. This warranty does not cover wear and tear over time, abuse or misuse of the product, or destruction of the product by misfortune or accident.  So if you go moshing or crowd surfing with your guitar, or put it through the front of your amp, and it ceases to work go check out my services page. And donít say I didnít warn you.

You also get a 30 day guarantee if you donít like them for any reason. This guarantee is either money back or a rewind, whichever you prefer.  If your pickups need to be potted after you have received them, I will gladly do that as well.

Thanks for dropping by my site and please drop by my blog.  I update there a lot, itís easier keeping up with myself on the blog as opposed to updating the site daily.


Jon Moore

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